I have a question about Elina and Mariposa. Well,we all know the "Barbie: Mariposa" movie doesn't feature Barbie as the main character (like the Christmas Carol one), but why the blonde hair? (and blue eyes for the Carol film) Another thing that bothers me is.. why is Elina the only green eyed Barbie character? Mariposa has brown eyes which makes it clear to understand she isn't Barbie, but is Elina really barbie then? It dawned me today she is the only green eyed Barbie in the films.

(Sorry it took so long to get back to you)

Yes, it is true that Barbie does not play Mariposa in the movie, hence the brown eyes but I have no idea why they chose to stay with the blonde hair. Maybe to not confuse the viewers? As for Elina, I think it is quite obvious that Barbie does not play her either because Elina looks totally different and that is probably why they chose green eyes for her - to let everyone know that it isn’t Barbie. I hope this makes sense.. :)

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